Saturday, September 15, 2012

You Tube to review "Innocence of Muslims" Video

Mixed feelings on this one. I don't want freedom of speech compromised because of the feelings of some in other parts of the world, many of whom have access to limited information and thus a limited view of the world. That being said, You Tube is a private company and censors content all the time for a variety of reasons. Of course the film is extremely distasteful, but so are many, many things posted on the web. Unfortunately, people are disrespectful and hurtful all the time, especially on the web where they hide behind their keyboard.

I'd prefer the cultures in these countries take a more tolerant view and accept freedom of speech, religion and tolerate other viewpoints, but will that happen overnight?

This incident could be an important watermark of dialogue between East & West. Either way I'll guarantee you this type of thing will happen more and more as people have realized it's manipulative power for their particular cause, which is sowing discord. Has there ever been a film lampooning Buddha? or God? Why didn't that spark violence? Maybe, if it happens again and again, it will eventually lose it's potency. Maybe the answer is more, not less? Just a crazy (and I suppose a potentially deadly?) thought.

The article from Broadcasting & Cable is below.

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