Sunday, March 1, 2015

Estranged Wife Believed Killed By Beverly Hills Celebrity Fitness Trainer Identified « CBS Los Angeles

I hesitate to post this cause I know it's kind of exploitation but mostly because no one knows what really went down. But I knew the victim, at one time very well and while I met her husband just once briefly, I summarized he was a jackass, pure & simple right away. Trust your instincts Rob, I keep re-learning this over and over.

But I never would have expected him to be such a coward or a murderer. I don't need to know the details to pass judgement on this horrific act.

I post this because I'm angry, frustrated and want to issue, for whatever it's worth, a call to all decent people to stand up to cowards, bullies, losers, all the relatively few pathetic people that drag the vast majority of decent folks (like Jen) down.

Whether it's V. Putin or ISIS or a cowardly murderer who is not satisfied to end his own miserable life but must bring others down with him (others physically weaker than him).

A few months ago, in a rough part of Brooklyn but in broad daylight, I saw a kid getting verbally abused by his thug of a "father" who was removing his belt and shouting to a visibly scared 5 or 6 year old boy. I tried to intervene and the guy came at me. I backed down and I regret it. My only hope is maybe I deferred the out of control anger and provided an outlet that at least delayed the kids inevitable physical abuse.

The guy could have had a gun. He looked like a gang banger, whatever that means I know. But his actions backed up his look, as a violent thug who, lacking a suitable outlet was willing to take it out on his own flesh and blood, a kid who had no shot of defending himself. I regret I didn't see the confrontation through. Yes, it could have ended badly for me, but now I'm haunted by my inaction.

To stand by and do nothing is to be guilty and complicit. I don't know what else to do for my now deceased friend Jen, so I'll post this. and hope it may inspire a righteous indignation that the next time you (or I) see a bit of injustice, big or small.. you (and I) will DO something. RIP Jen.

Estranged Wife Believed Killed By Beverly Hills Celebrity Fitness Trainer Identified « CBS Los Angeles