Thursday, September 11, 2008

GBH - Punk's Poster Child (Man)

GBH, the iconic hard core punk rockers from Birmingham, England have been at it since 1983. Time has not slowed those guys down one bit. They rocked Irving Plaza to a crowd more than 1/2 their age.. hard core kids, wrecking the pit like crazy, overtaking the stage at several points in the show... but the dudes never let up, they kept going. These guys are experts in crowd control.. controlled chaos. It was nuts! I got some decent video but just before things got really good the batteries died.. so needless to say missed the craziest, nuttiest final half of the show where the crowd literally overtook the stage.

Here are a couple of videos none the less. Just imagine twice the intensity and you start to get the picture. Damn I love Punk music. I felt so good coming out of that show.. these guys aren't untouchable rock stars.. they are one of us, part of the crowd. They get it. they understand why they are there and they don't take one single moment or fan for granted, you can tell! Punk is in my blood now.. can't get it out. Don't need a mohawk either. its in my soul. I've been punk all along and had no idea.. it feels good to discover what I am and always have been.. and I'm not alone! GBH rocked and proves that Punk defies age or classification.. so simple, yet so not.

I Love this Shit!