Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Don't Look Now But TV Homes Are Declining

The New York Post 9/26/12 reported the following. 

Don’t look now, but there are more US homes without TV sets than ever before.

It’s an historic reversal of trend — something like the birds flying north for the winter — but Nielsen yesterday reported that the number of TV households fell by 500,000.

The reason?

More people are watching TV on their computers, the ratings company said in an e-mail statement yesterday.

Read the rest of the NY Post article HERE. 

Here is my little 2 cents for what it's worth. Consider the source, Nielsen Media Research, the company accused of accepting bribes in India, the company that has shown time and time again they can't be trusted to provide objective, accurate information, regardless of how many billions of $s are riding on it.

I have no doubt that fewer people may be buying TVs and are watching their entertainment online. My interns are in the early 20's and don't own a TV. They've never heard of "Modern Family", "60 Minutes" or "Real Time With Bill Mahr", but then again, they are from Moscow, Russia.

Yet, I know intuitively people are watching more and more online and less and less on TV. But I'm going to need more proof than Nielsen Media Research before I accept anything as fact. 

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