Sunday, June 1, 2008

Pennywise Rocks NYC!

Went to the Pennywise show at Fillmore (Irving Plaza) last night and it was hot as hell in more ways than one.. At one time Fletcher screaming for some "fucking air" for the fans.. I thought, maybe, maybe we'd all riot.. but all in all it was a hell of a good time.. and the band played just a few songs off their recent CD "Reason to Believe" opening with my favorite "Western World" which is as radio friendly as any Pennywise song I've heard.

The pit took up almost the entire floor, you couldn't run or hide without going upstairs or standing all the way in the back.. this 80% young, 20 something guy crowd was nuts from the 1st song until the last with the stage becoming flooded for the finale "Bro Hymn".

My favorite thing about Pennywise, is they don't discourage stage dives and crowd participation.. they are one of us.. they are punk personified. This is what punk is about... rebelling, speaking your mind, but not putting anybody up on a pedestal.

When reviewing our current presidential choices, Obama got the biggest applause by far among this 99% white crowd and Pennywise responded by saying it would be cool to get a "brother" in the white house.. but later on, basically saying we're fucked anyway.. until the young people at that concert can get in office and change things. I tend to agree.

The U.S. needs to be more like a Pennywise show. Democratic, opinionated, fun and cool! why is the u.s. inundated with such assholes at the present time? so many assholes and so little space to put em.. Until last night, i think they were dumped mostly in NYC.. as I often say, its really, really hard to meet another cool guy.. one whose not gay, trying to fucking pick up on you.. or one who is a fucking metrosexual baby, mama's boy, jealous little bitch.. or a goddamned thug wanna be...

Last night, Pennywise gave me faith.. faith in the greatest city on the planet.. and faith that maybe, just maybe there are some pretty cool cats out there after all.. they just happen to all listen to punk..

If you haven't seen Pennywise live.. you need to.. bring your padding.. its going to get rough but it will be a blast! These guys are mad cool.

See you at the Hootenanny and the NOFX show in NYC!