Saturday, September 9, 2017

Humans... We Suck.

Gotta say it... Roger Ailes' Fox News legacy from 1996 lives on in the Summer 2017 DC shooting. 

Dividing people to gain money, power, market share, career advancement, etc. has consequences... and we, the ever pliable and naive public are paying the price. 

Turning against our neighbors, fellow citizens and fellow human beings on demand and on command. 

Cuba has a similar problem in miniature. Only there, neighbors turn against neighbors and spy for the government for an extra bag of rice for the month. At least they have hunger as an excuse. 

Encouraging the dehumanization of others is dangerous. And media is powerful... especially in the early to mid-2000s when Mr. Ailes' grand experiment began to bear fruit and shape public discourse so powerfully. 

This didn't happen suddenly or in a void. Actions, positive, negative and in between... ripple through time... decades and centuries after we leave the earthly realm. 

May your ripples be lovely & kind ... not brutish & selfish. 

No. I have not been drinking. Much. 

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