Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Belgium Bombings

We were on layover at Brussels Airport when filming Eastern Europe in Season 2 of Raw Travel. I distinctly remember how very polite & nice airport personnel and staff at Brussels airlines were. I was so moved by their hospitality, I actually wrote a letter telling them so AND they actually responded back in kind. Today I'm saddened by the images and I hope and pray for their well being. 

Now get ready, because much of our national media is going to tell you that travel is unsafe. They are pedaling fear as usual, because fear gets ratings. But they are wrong. Staying home, locked in a comfortable existence while everyone else is living their lives is not living. The odds are in your favor. While travel is unpredictable and occasionally uncomfortable, it's safer than driving down the road for a carton of milk or commuting to school or engaging in the work place. 

Don't let fear and misguided media messages stop you. See the world, warts and all. It's an amazing place MOST of the time.

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