Thursday, December 27, 2012

Shameful Sameness Celebrated by Cable TV Programmers

Laying low, feeling ill. Too much travel, think I'll stay in and see what's on. Broadcast TV is in reruns. What's on cable?

My TV choices tonight:

- Baggage Battles - Travel Channel,
- Auction Wars/Shipping Wars - Discovery
- Border Wars - National Geographic
 - Pawnshop All Stars - History Channel

hmmm.. how about this "Cheap, non imaginative, derivative of a derivative, copycat cable tv programming wars" ? 

Or "I think I'll disconnect my cable TV because it's all the same old garbage" wars?

Would that work?

Here is what Apple's CEO Tim Cook had to say about the herd mentality:

"I've never thought going with the herd was a particularly good strategy. At best you'll be middle of the pack" 

Apple is not a perfect company but they damned sure are successful... and original. Maybe they'll shake up the TV business in 2013. 

Something's gotta give. All these non reality "reality" shows look and sound exactly the same. I swear there must be one big production company doing all this stuff. Probably barely eeeking out a living as "work for hire" too. 

But hey, middle of the pack is something. I guess. 

Think I'll watch netflix. 

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