Thursday, November 22, 2012

This Just In - "Experiences" In, "Stuff" Out

Just in time for Black Friday or Grey Thursday (the name given by the retailers who are so greedy/desperate that they are opening on Thanksgiving) if you prefer, comes some telling research from Ebates and Harris Interactive. 

Americans are finally getting sick of "stuff" and looking instead for fulfilling experiences. Things like travel and vacations rank 2nd on the list and a full 57% of adults prefer experiential gifts this holiday season over the latest gadget or technology.

I for one think this is a good sign. Now if only somebody would let those clowns from "Grey Thursday" know this.


Ebates 2012 Holiday Wish List Survey of more than two-thousand adults conducted online by Harris Interactive discovered that among those that had a preference, clothing was the number one most-wanted gift this holiday (33%), followed by a vacation (28%). Rounding out the top ten most-wanted gifts by adults are: Laptop (20%), Tablet (18%), Smartphone (17%), Jewelry (17%), Homemade Gift (16%), Spa Day (16%), Tickets to a sporting event (13%) and latest E-reader (8%). 


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